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Craft with LOVE

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Let's do some UI Modifications...

A Custom rom based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Crafted With Love. With the Aim To Provide "Performance", "Security" and "Stability", with Multiple Customisation option. So that every User can customise thier phone as per their taste. While you get Best in class Customisation options you also get a unique UI without any security Comprimises, Monthly Security patches are merged, Every Update has something new with bug fixes.


Let's see Our Rom features.

Built for stock & personalised experience

Over period of time we have noticed that people love a Differnt experience sepically if they could personalised the Ui of thier phone as per the taste,so we are trying to best in class Customisation and make your experience best on your phone

Ready for daily usage

Every Update is proccessed through some Multiple Stages of testing before it released,So that onces its released Every User could Enjoy their phone Fully

Monthly Updates

Keep your mobile up-to-date, safely and quickly Upgrade to the latest software available for your phone, and enjoy enhancements like new features, improved functionality and also fixed bugs.

Colourful user interface with Monet engine

The “monet” theme engine is where the magic happens when it comes to Material You, and it’s the algorithm that decides what colors are selected from a wallpaper. When a user changes their wallpaper on AncientOS, the image is analyzed to select a color and algorithmically choose Primary, Secondary colors using an initial seed color.

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